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I'm a scientist and science writer.




Understanding speech and hearing through mathematical modeling

As a researcher at the University of Washington, I study language and speech from a computational perspective. I have peer-reviewed papers in the journals Nature Scientific Reports, Network, The Journal of the Acoustical Society of America, Frontiers in Neuroscience Methods, and Hearing Research, as well as more than 25 invited talks and conference proceedings. 

Startup Leadership

Chief Scientist at Botnik Studios

As a scientist at Botnik Studios, I use techniques from the frontier of language modeling and machine learning to make writing more fun. Read about us in WIRED, The Guardian, and the BBC. Our rendition of a country song written with the help of a neural network appeared in the 2018 NeurIPS Creativity Workshop. You can read more about my experiments generating romance novel titles, academic journals, and Red Lobster corporate tweets on my blog, and see my experiments in cooking with the help of artificial intelligence on my YouTube show, Cooking with Botnik

Science Writing

Sharing the history and future of scientific discovery through accessible storytelling

I'm an avid science writer and data journalist fascinated with the personal stories behind every discovery. My writing has appeared in The Pudding, Salon, Acoustics Today, the Massive Science ConsortiumTowards Data Science and more. I've also been interviewed on NPR about science communication.

I always want to meet new thinkers, researchers, writers, explorers, and collaborators. Please be in touch and let's see what we can create.